Mutts, Meows, and Machining Solutions

A longtime customer of Bothe Associates, came to us with a problem and tasked us with improving the quality of a complex assembly that had given them problems for many years. This customer makes medicines and vaccines for pets and farm animals, so we were very excited that our machining and design solutions could benefit a company that is keeping our furry friends safe!

The assembly spins at around 1500 RPM, and the customer was seeing that their current assemblies were out of balance in a serious way. The out-of-balance condition caused certain parts to wear quickly and generate particulate debris. Since the product is so closely controlled, any solid particles would cause the entire batch of vaccine to be scrapped out, so this became a very expensive problem for our customer.

To solve this problem, we dissected an existing assembly and sought out any opportunities to improve the balance of the components and final assembly. Through careful consideration and reverse-engineering, we were able to create an assembly which ran true, and did not have the balance issues that our customer had seen in the past. This will lead to fewer tanks of vaccine scrapped out due to contamination caused by part wear.

This project had it all: machining, precision grinding, gun drilling, honing, welding, industrial balancing, robotic welding, polishing, electropolishing, and even rare earth magnets! We’re a stronger company after having tackled this difficult project, and we know that our customer is thrilled with the results they’ve seen. We strive to be more than just a machine shop, but a partner and problem-solver for all of our customers. We’re proud that we are able to help our customer minimize lost sales, but we are most happy that we are directly contributing to the health and safety of the animals that we all know and love.

(This blog post is brought to you by Cooper, Mel, and Data, the three Bothe family dogs.)

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