Best Christmas present. Ever.

DMG Mori NHX5500 being moved into place, winter 2015

At the end of December, we stood ready to receive the latest addition to our milling department: a DMG Mori NHX5500, complete with ChipBLASTER technology and a Renishaw probe. It’s truly beautiful and is destined to be a real workhorse and enhance our productivity with its full fourth axis capability, fast pallet changes, and even faster tool changes. But the … Read More

More than Machining: Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions at Bothe Associates

A customer came to us in September with a project that had been giving them troubles. LOTS of troubles. Our customer’s foreign supplier was having a hard time holding a critical bore diameter at +/-.0003” tolerance on a steel pulley. The bad bore sizes were causing bearing failures and immense problems in the field. This part is a 7” diameter … Read More