Best Christmas present. Ever.

DMG Mori NHX5500 being moved into place, winter 2015

At the end of December, we stood ready to receive the latest addition to our milling department: a DMG Mori NHX5500, complete with ChipBLASTER technology and a Renishaw probe. It’s truly beautiful and is destined to be a real workhorse and enhance our productivity with its full fourth axis capability, fast pallet changes, and even faster tool changes. But the … Read More

Reliable Partner for Over Thirty Years


“For the past thirty years, Bothe Associates has been our most consistent and reliable supplier. They have truly been our business partner and have greatly contributed to the success of our operation. They work directly from our production schedule, handling the changes as required. They have exhibited excellent cost containment, with minimal or no price increases over the years. Their … Read More

Bothe with the Assist

Bothe with the Assist

A long time customer of Bothe’s had an opportunity to acquire new business from a Fortune 500 company, but in order to do so, they needed Bothe’s assistance in quoting several dozen complex machined assemblies. In addition, the quotes needed to be submitted within a very short time frame. The Bothe team sprung into action, working evenings and weekends to … Read More