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About Bothe Associates

Since 1950, Bothe Associates Inc. has been the premier source of machining and manufacturing solutions for clients worldwide. With state of the art technology, and decades of manufacturing experience, Bothe Associates Inc. can be your one-stop solution for all your manufacturing needs.

We pride ourselves on our sincere commitment to the highest quality and efficiency, so our customers know that every job will be done The Bothe Way.

Bothe Family


For over 65 years, Bothe Associates Inc. has been the foremost choice for manufacturing solutions in Wisconsin and around the world. Machining is both an art and a science, but there’s simply no substitute for experience. We have hundreds of combined years of experience and an extremely talented staff ready to tackle your projects, big or small. For the best continuity, each Bothe family member has been trained and immersed from a young age on our equipment, processes, quality, efficiency, and how things are done The Bothe Way.


At Bothe Associates Inc., quality is a way of life. Our founder, Werner Bothe, was ahead of his time in that he understood long before ISO standards, the only way to ensure quality parts was to build a high-quality and systematic approach so that each job is given the same careful consideration and attention to detail. Since 2003, we have been ISO certified which gives our customers additional peace of mind that we are diligent and thorough with the entire process from quote, to order, to delivery of parts. Our goal is to not only exceed your expectations on quality, price and delivery, but to make parts which work better, look better, and last longer. Quality is The Bothe Way.


In manufacturing, time is money. However, efficiencies can be gained around every corner. From our spotless, well-lit and climate-controlled facility, to our thoroughly organized tool and gage cribs, Bothe has the equipment and experience to get your job done in the most efficient way possible, without sacrificing quality. We have machines of all sizes, shapes, and configurations which allow us flexibility in the size, shape and volume of parts we can run efficiently. Where possible, machines are grouped into cells where a single operator can run two or more machines simultaneously, to allow for the lowest costs and the highest throughput. We like to say that we spend our clients’ money as if it were our own, which means that efficiency is serious business. We work smarter and we work harder; efficiency is The Bothe Way.


To be a benchmark shop requires us to stay ahead of the technology curve, ensuring that our equipment and capabilities are at the forefront of industrial trends. We were the first in our area to embrace NC and CNC machining, and Bothe Associates Inc. continues to be a leader in the race toward new technology. Since 1950, we’ve come a long way: from drill presses and knee mills, to single-axis high-production lathes, to punch tape NC machines, and finally into today’s world of multi-axis CNC machining. With the newest and best equipment, run by our highly experienced staff, Bothe Associates Inc. will continue to innovate and inspire. It’s technology done The Bothe Way.


When the tough jobs come up, you need a supplier who is up for the challenge and always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Bothe Associates Inc. operates with 100% honesty and integrity and as our clients know, we are available any time day or night to help with your manufacturing and machining needs. Your emergency is our emergency. When the inevitable crisis arises, you can rest easily knowing that we will be vigilant in solving your problem and making sure the job is done right. We cherish our customer relationships and the trust you put in us. No matter what, we are here for you; that’s dependability, The Bothe Way.

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