Bothe with the Assist

A long time customer of Bothe’s had an opportunity to acquire new business from a Fortune 500 company, but in order to do so, they needed Bothe’s assistance in quoting several dozen complex machined assemblies. In addition, the quotes needed to be submitted within a very short time frame. The Bothe team sprung into action, working evenings and weekends to compile all the necessary information required to provide accurate quotes to their customer.
Due to Bothe’s great relationships with material suppliers and secondary operations vendors, they were able submit proposals within the extremely tight timetable the customer had established. The exciting news came shortly thereafter. Bothe’s customer had landed a huge new client, and the help Bothe provided was the key to their success.
Since that time, the same customer has come to rely on Bothe to quote several other projects, and each time Bothe has risen to the challenge. In fact, the relationship has developed to the point that the single largest order in Bothe’s history came from that customer. Just one more example of how Bothe’s commitment to customer service is second to none and why partnering with Bothe results in success.

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