Company History


Bothe Associates Inc. was started in the basement of the founders of the company, Werner and Hazel Bothe.


Bothe Associates takes an order to tap 465,000 stamped wing nuts in a manual mill. Werner, Hazel, and Kent all took turns machining. The neighbors didn’t like semi trucks on their dead end road and the company was forced out of the home.


This order increased the need for space and the Company moved into 600 square feet of rented space in the Burton Klemp building in 1952 and stayed until 1957.


The business outgrew this tiny space too and moved to a small building at 6618 37th Avenue. Fun fact: This 2,800 square foot building was the same size as our current quality room.


During this time Kent Bothe and Erik Bothe, sons of Hazel and Werner, joined the business full time, Kent in 1961 and Erik in 1965.


It was during this period that Bothe Associates purchased the first CNC machine in a job shop in Kenosha County. This Warner and Swasey 1SC was purchased at the 1972 IMTS show in Chicago and didn’t arrive until 1974. There was not enough space in the current building to house this lathe.


After the 1SC was purchased, Bothe bought 5 acres on Sheridan Road that would fit the current equipment plus the new machine that was coming.


Cathryn Bothe joined the company.


The year 1993 was a turbulent one for the company: Erik Bothe suffered a debilitating stroke during the period in which the decision was made to build a new, larger and state-of-the-art building in the Kenosha Industrial Park.


After having been involved in the company since a young age, Laura Bothe and Paul Bothe joined Bothe Associates in 1993 and 2003 – the third generation of Bothe family members in the company.


Bothe moved into our current facility in June of 1994. The move into the current building has allowed us to grow and provide a wonderful working environment for all the employees.


Erik Bothe retired permanently.


First live tool lathe added.


First Y axis live tool lathe added.


Cathryn Bothe became president of the company.


First horizontal machining center added.


Added Swiss lathe technology with live tooling.


Added robotic lathe technology.


Laser marking capabilities added.


Added first full 5 axis milling.