Free Class in Design for Manufacturability and Smart Purchasing

Need to design parts that cost less?

Want to engineer potential quality issues out?

Ever wonder why some features can be easily drawn but not easily manufactured?

Want to drive down costs as a buyer?

The Bothe Associates Manufacturing Boot Camp is for you!

For more than 20 years, Bothe Associates has offered a free class to engineers and purchasing people to help them better design parts for manufacturability and understand how smart purchasing can affect part costs. And now you or anyone from your team can join a class!

The 2 – 4 hour class is tailored to the participants and can include these topics:

·     Introduction to manufacturing concepts and Glossary of common manufacturing terms

·     How varying material lengths affect optimal order quantities

·     Why the sizes that materials come in is critical to part design

·     Intelligent tolerancing – why zeroes cost $!

·     Reviews of your prints for an honest evaluation of what’s great and what could be better

·     Your questions answered!

Schedule your class for your group now! Contact your Bothe Associates representative or or 262.656.1860 to set up a time for your class or to join one already scheduled.

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