Industries & Products

Industries & Products

Since 1950, Bothe Associates has been providing top-quality, custom-machined components to a variety of customers and industries. In the early years, our customer base was composed mainly of local businesses and we primarily made parts for food and dairy, dynamometers, wire-rope crimping, and other custom equipment and one-offs for local businesses. Many of our early customers still work with us today, nearly 70 years later.

Over the years, as our technology and capabilities expanded, we continued to grow our business and started to add higher-complexity parts for hydraulics, flow-metering, laboratory equipment, surgical tools, and other industries where only the highest quality is acceptable. Today we have customers all over the country and throughout the world in a vast array of industries, who come to us because our quality and service is second to none.

Industries & Products Specifications

Featured Products

A surgical tool component milled complete from 17-4 stainless steel.
A brass tube made for a particle accelerator at a laboratory on a Tsugami Swiss lathe. Wall thickness is only .012″
A small surgical part that is partially turned on a lathe, then finished in a multi-axis mill.