Support Equipment

Support Equipment Services

Here at Bothe Associates, our CNC machines are the stars of the show. However, the unsung heroes of our shop are our multitudes of support and inspection equipment. Since we have to be ready to make and inspect “anything” at a moment’s notice, we employ a huge variety of machinery to make that happen. Sometimes the old way of machining is still the best way, so we have many pieces of manual equipment that we employ when the need arises. We also utilize several pieces of equpiment which allow us to mark virtually any metal with a permanent engraving or stamping. The final cornerstone of our support equipment is our state-of-the-art quality laboratory where we house our calibrated gages and our two CM

Support Equipment Specifications

  • Hem H105 Automatic cut-off saw – 15” diameter capacity
  • Sunnen Honing Machine
  • Hardinge Super Precision Hand Chucker (3 units)
  • Hardinge Inch-Metric Tool Room Lathe
  • Hardinge Turret Lathe
  • South Bend Engine Lathe
  • Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
  • Gorton Mastermill Vertical Milling Machine
  • Famco Vertical Milling Machine
  • Wotan Horizontal Milling Machine
  • Various drill presses, saws, tapping machines, sanders, etc.
  • Econoline Media Blasting Machine/Bead Blaster

  • Epilog Fibermark Laser Marker 24 x 12 (Plastic and all metals)
  • (2) Styliner Mark 4 Stylus Marking Machine – compatible with AutoCad and other HPGL graphics
  • Telesis pin stamp marking machine
  • George T. Schmidt Roll Stamper
  • Brown & Sharpe 7-10- 7 DCC Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Mitutoyo B-241B Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • OPG Bench-top contour projector optical comparator
  • Scherr-Tumico Optical Comparator
  • Complete Sunnen bore gage system
  • Federal air gages
  • Mueller pin gage system
  • Hommel T-500 surface analyzer
  • Customary thread, groove and other miscellaneous gaging equipment