Turning Equipment

Turning Services

Do you need round parts? From pins you can hold on the tip of your finger to ball forgings that require a crane to maneuver, Bothe Associates can machine them.

Our multi axis, live tool CNC Lathes are the most accurate available and our Swiss Style machines take efficiency to a new level.

When you add Bothe Associates’ robotic gantry lathe, and high horsepower 15” chuck workhorses, we have all your turning needs covered.

Turning Specifications

Lathe-Turned Parts

A small stainless screw with live tool milling, made complete in a Y-axis live tool lathe.
Made complete in a Y-axis live tool lathe.
This purple Radel plastic handle was made complete in a live tool lathe.
This shaft on this cam part was partially turned in a lathe and the profile was milled. It was then heat treated and finish ground for wear resistance and best concentricity and fit.
A surgical part made in Ultem plastic. This part is both milled and turned.
A tiny stainless part turned on a Tsugami Swiss lathe and finished on a multi axis vertical mill.