Workspace Modifications

Need to modify an existing workspace for better separation of employees? Are OEM components unavailable?

Bothe Associates can create custom dividers for your workspace! By working collaboratively on a remote basis, we can safely work with your facilities team to make products that fit your needs.

Your facilities staff knows exactly what they need. We can help them fulfill that vision.

Options for your facility:

• Free-standing
• Ceiling-hung
• Clear – plastic
• Frosted – plastic
• Solid – aluminum
• Decorative finishes
• Separate people sitting at tables
• Directing one-way foot traffic


• Rounded corners and no sharp edges for safety
• Plastic, aluminum or stainless steel bases available for free-standing dividers.
• Attractive product custom designed for you for visible spaces
• Holes, slots, or custom features per your needs

Let us help your facilities team keep your staff safe. Contact Bothe Associates at or 262.656.1860 to discuss your projects.