What’s Old is New Again

This week Bothe Associates took delivery on a completely rebuilt Warner & Swasey 2SC, 15” chuck lathe. We’ve owned several 2SCs over the years and this one is the best of the bunch. Having been freshly rebuilt, we get the best of both worlds: the rigidity and power (and 17,000# of iron) of an old lathe with the accuracy and repeatability of a brand new machine. This machine can handle a part size up to 15” diameter, or 4-1/2” diameter through the spindle. Over the years, our 2SCs have run MRI parts, parts for wind energy, parts for gigantic mining dump trucks, hydraulic parts, and all sorts of other interesting parts. In the era that this machine was built, the concept was bigger, more rigid, more powerful machines to take bigger and heavier cuts. The newer concept is making many light cuts quickly. We utilize both methods depending on the part, and so we are extremely thankful to have this new machine in our shop. If you have large parts with lots of metal removal, this 2SC can’t be beat.

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