Best Christmas present. Ever.

At the end of December, we stood ready to receive the latest addition to our milling department: a DMG Mori NHX5500, complete with ChipBLASTER technology and a Renishaw probe. It’s truly beautiful and is destined to be a real workhorse and enhance our productivity with its full fourth axis capability, fast pallet changes, and even faster tool changes.
But the real story starts in how it came to the parking lot and almost couldn’t get into the building.
We were set to receive the machine on December 22. It had to travel cross-country from California to Wisconsin. Oversized loads can only travel during daylight hours, and those hours are scarce at this time of year. Short driving days, coupled with an unusually warm, foggy December, brought the machine to our parking lot a day later than we expected.
We normally receive new equipment at Bane Nelson, the machine rigger we have used for more than 40 years. But the fog delay meant there was no time before Christmas to take the machine to their facility to uncrate it. It had to be done in our parking lot. And despite our best efforts of measuring the machine and the entrance to our building when we ordered the machine, we came up short. By an inch.
In our business, an inch is like a mile. And it sure felt like it that day.
The mill couldn’t clear the overhead door when it was on a trailer. The Bane Nelson guys felt they couldn’t count on the sag of the trailer to accommodate the inch we needed. The machine could easily be fork lifted into the truck bay, but its weight was too much for the fork lift to raise it up onto the shop floor. So it could get inside but not up the four feet to floor level. And so it came to pass that we spent Christmas Eve morning pondering our problem.
This is where the 50 plus years of experience Bane Nelson has comes into play. Their crew looked at this problem from every angle and came up with a plan. The following week, their guys came back with an amazing piece of equipment that would pick the mill up from the top and raise it the 4 feet onto the shop floor. This video shows the piece of equipment they brought in to traverse the critical 4 feet. It took nearly 5 minutes for it to move 4 feet. It was amazing to watch.

This is why we at Bothe believe in partnerships. With DMG Mori to provide excellent equipment. With Bane Nelson to move our equipment and solve the problems we don’t know are coming. And with our customers to know that we can provide manufacturing solutions and quality work using state of the art equipment.
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